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Products for vehicles

HYPER CLEAN PLUS: Super Clean, Powerful Snap Action. All purpose cleaner and degreaser powerful and active.

AUTO CLEAN PLUS: High foaming. Concentrated liquid soap for car washes to manual or pressure.

POLISH PROTECH PLUS: Protects and shines rubber, plastic, vinyl, leather and fiber glass ...

MOTOR CLEAN PLUS: very powerful engine degreaser. Removes dirt and grease. To remove heavy deposits of grease and oil and dirt from engines of automobiles, boats, trucks, lawnmowers and industrial machinery ...
RUST: Form high quality wax. Effectively protects all hollow body and chassis, rocker panels, rear fenders, fenders and fender, doors and jambs, wheel arches and other parts susceptible to corrosion. Also suitable as anti-rust universal.

WMD PROTECT N1: Provides rust inhibition and oxidation. Do not run, pushing légèremnt sticky humidity.